MileSound Bass

Voglio ballare tutta la notte

MileSound Bass "Voglio ballare tutta la notte" single's cover artwork by H3ml0ck

The “Voglio ballare tutta la notte” single: a multifaceted electronic hymn to celebrate the healing power of music and dance.

Voglio ballare tutta la notte (I want to dance all night) is a song written and produced by the Italian musician MileSound Bass. It’s an electronic tune influenced by ’80s music and presents a section in the “Hardcore Gabber” and Jungle styles. The single was published with his instrumental version on 5th October 2023 by the independent label theDustRealm Music. The lyrics represent the necessity of going to a club to dance the worries away all night.

The MileSound Bass Project

MileSound Bass is an electronic music project by the Italian producer Gianluca Suanno. Versatility, creativity and eclecticism are the driving forces of the project, together with the passion for extraterrestrial life and lucid dreams. These are the core concepts of Gianluca’s project, which mixes different genres and styles. With synthesizers, drum machines and software, he creates his “alien music” that speaks of dreamy worlds and life beyond ours.

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