Underground music playlists

Periodically-updated underground music selections for Spotify and YouTube users

Follow theDustRealm on Spotify and YouTube to discover loads of underground music playlists, periodically updated with the best tracks ever…at least according to our tastes.

In the theme-based and genre-based playlists Section, you’ll find a wide range of selections to feed up all your underground music needs. The Spotify exclusives set contains special selections alongside insights to our idols’ discographies. “Underground Music Made in Italy” multi-genre collection is a region-by-region census of the best artists/bands/projects from all over Italy. At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find all the playlists dedicated to the Dust Realm Music‘s releases and productions.

THEMATIC PLAYLISTS (Spotify and YouTube playlist)

Choose the right mood and start your daily musical journey!

Spotify Exclusives Underground Music Playlists

A collection of exclusives playlists for Spotify users.

Underground music MADE IN ITALY (Spotify and YouTube playlist)

Discover the best underground music artists from all over Italy, region by region. Electronic music, Trip-Hop, Alternative Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Experimental, Crossover, Blues, Techno, and more.

the dust realm music playlists (Spotify and YouTube playlist)

Strictly theDustRealm-related playlists. Featuring releases from the Dust Realm Music and the best tracks from Bob Rage & Peanuke and FSOC - Future Sound Of Conco projects

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