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theDustRealm 15 compilation from theDustRealm Music. Out on Bandcamp on  November 18th 2022. This 27 tracks underground electronic music compilation was created to celebrate our 15 years of support to the underground music scene. It featured tracks by Bob Rage & Peanuke / Bress Underground / Es Madd / Future Sound Of Conco / Grøntsager / Jacomino / Manigua / MARVO MD / MATCHLESS / Resonanz Kreis / Sis and collaborations with 667 / Atroxity / AV 0 / Dexba / Frank Sinutre / Gevona / KEL / Khloro / Manuela Palmisano / Mirka Valente / Olio Su Telnet / Push Against New Fakes / Rich Machines / Siz / Sorry The Hedgehog / Towsky / Ziglio's Musique.

The DustRealm 15 underground electronic music compilation

TheDustRealm 15 is a compilation of underground electronic music created to celebrate 15 years of theDustRealm project, founded in 2007 by the Italian DJs and producers Bob Rage and Peanuke (Roberto and Paolo Bonato). The project, born from a strong love for alternative music (especially the different nuances of Electronic) and from the desire to share this passion with the world, has seen the duo engaged in 15 years of cultural spreading and support to the underground music scene.

A brief history of the project theDustRealm

Over the years, the project has evolved and expanded more and more, seeing the duo involved in the organization of DJ sets and live events and the composition and production of electronic music. Over time, the two also began collaborating with Last Floor Studio for the radio format “Occhiali da Sole“. In the meantime, they devoted themselves to the search for new talents to include in their weekly playlists and the set lists of their DJ shows. Then, in 2020, they founded the independent label theDustRealm Music. The label mainly deals with electro, techno, trip-hop, big beat, IDM, experimental, and what’s in the middle of these sub-genres of underground electronic music. Specifically, they propose mainly artists who do not follow a specific style but combine different influences to find their own distinctive sound.

TheDustRealm 15, a musical journey in the beauty of heterogeneity

The compilation theDustRealm 15 contains 27 tracks, 11 of which were previously unreleased, 12 came out in the first years of the label’s activity, and the last four songs are radio edits or remastered versions of already published pieces. Like the label itself, this collection also does not favour a specific genre but makes the difference a strength, the melting pot of influences a necessity. You have to take it as an almost 2 hours playlist created to travel between heterogeneous emotional and stylistic shores. It should be listened to with a spirit open to the amazement of discovery. Everyone can find in it something to love and take with them while experiencing different atmospheres and stimulating sound combinations.

Electronic music artists participating in the compilation

TheDustRealm 15 involves all 11 musical projects proposed by theDustRealm Music label: Bob Rage & Peanuke, Bress Underground, Es Madd, Future Sound Of Conco, Grøntsager, Jacomino, Manigua, MARVO MD, MATCHLESS, Resonanz Kreis, and Sis. The release also sees the participation of 17 other external artists, including collaborators and friends: 667, Atroxity, AV 0, Dexba, Frank Sinutre, Gevona, KEL, Khloro, Manuela Palmisano, Mirka Valente, Olio Su Telnet, Push Against New Fakes, Rich Machines, Siz, Sorry The Hedgehog, Towsky, and Ziglio’s Musique.

You can buy your digital copy of theDustRealm 15 now from the Bandcamp page of theDustRealm Music. The compilation is also contained in their DUST CLUB subscription. You can also have the release for free by purchasing a T-Shirt.

theDustRealm Music