Cover art of "Hunter", the First single from the upcomig album "the Killer in the Looking Glass" by SIS - theDustRealm Music - New experimental / underground / trip-hop / alternative music 2021 - SIS 'Silence Is Sexy' are Francesco De Bias and Mirka Valente. Graphics by Luca Rigon and Mirka Valente.

the artist

Sis project was born in September 2013, when Francesco De Biasi (bass guitar, piano, synths) and Mirka Valente (singer, writer, devices, theremin) joined forces. Originally the line-up included other musicians, but soon it disbanded and stabilized as a duo in August 2014.

De Biasi and Valente, coming from completely different musical and artistic environments, decided to aim at fusing their own differences in feeling and sound to reach a liquid expressive synthesis.

the upcoming album “The Killer in the Looking Glass”

Conceived, recorded and produced in a four-year span, 2016-2020, “The Killer in the Looking Glass” album rises from the dust and ashes of old clashes, brought up by the gentle breath of fleeting encounters. It’s an intimate work that digs souls and looks for answers about our being drops in a sea of billions of other life drops.

The thin red line that runs across the whole album is represented by human fragility, relationships and self-belief, from which can descend great acts of power as well as great disappointments. That’s life’s duality.

"Sis", the underground music duo from Italy: Francesco De Biasi and Mirka Valente - photo set for "The Killer in the Looking Glass" 2021 album -  new underground music, experimental music, trip-hop, alternative -  theDustRealm Music

the “Hunter” single, to be dropped on September 17th

Hunter“, the first single from the upcoming album, has been dropped for theDustRealm Music on September 17th, 2021.

The song is about a hunt, where predator and prey exchange roles. The conflict between wolf and man is seen as a metaphor for the inner conflict between brain and heart. The wolf here stands for emotions, feelings and instinct, while the man stands for rationality.  In the beginning, the man is the hunter and the wolf his prey; when the wolf can turn predator, it finally reconciles with the world in a final act of compassion.

Drums and bass in the first part describe the escape of the prey. Until leaving space for a slow hypnotic rhythmical pattern, when the roles switch happens.

You can buy your digital copy of Hunter now directly from Sis’ Bandcamp page or via the embedded player on this page.

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