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Underground independent music releases from the Dust Realm

Welcome to the Dust Realm Music dedicated page. An independent label drove by the Italian producers and DJs Bob Rage and Peanuke. The label mainly deals with electronica, techno, trip-hop, big beat, experimental and every style in between those genres. It is one of the many underground-music-related activities enclosed in theDustRealm project.

From this “index page“, you can access our entire underground music catalog. In addition to the complete list of theDustRealm Music’s releases (which includes music by Bob Rage & Peanuke, FSOC, MATCHLESS, Resonanz Kreis, Sis, Es Madd, MARVO MD, Manigua and Grøntsager), you will also find tracks released by Alienated Records, the ones produced by Bob Rage and Peanuke for both their personal projects and other artists, such as MARIO REBEL and Efrem DJ.

You can also deepen-up your knowledge of Bob Rage and Peanuke‘s music projects. Their electro-alternative-techno main project Bob Rage & Peanuke and their trippy-electronic-experimental side-project Future Sound Of Conco (a.k.a. FSOC), born in collaboration with Paolo “Pez” Pezzin.

For further information and collaboration proposal, don’t hesitate and contact us by filling up the form at the bottom of this page.

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The Dust Realm Music releases

Below you'll find the entire catalogue of the Dust Realm Music. A bunch of independent artists, united by their underground sound and their love for electronic music. The Dust Realm Music mainly spreads Electronica, Techno, Trip-Hop, Big Beat, Experimental and Ambient music. The below list also includes tracks produced by Bob Rage and Peanuke for other artists and music labels.
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Music projects by Bob Rage and Peanuke

Here you'll find all Bob Rage and Peanuke’s music productions. Listen to their "Bob Rage & Peanuke" electro-techno-alternative project, and "Future Sound Of Conco", their trippy-electro-experimental side-project with the guitarist Paolo "Pez" Pezzin.

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If you wish to collaborate with us or you need more information about the Dust Realm's activities, the Dust Realm Music label, Bob Rage & Peanuke and Future Sound Of Conco projects, please feel free to send us a message through the form below. We will get back as soon as possible.

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