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Welcome to theDustRealm Music‘s official website! We’re an independent underground electronic music label.

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The project theDustRealm was founded in 2007 by Italian DJs / producers Roberto and Paolo Bonato (a.k.a. Bob Rage & Peanuke) to spread more and more the alternative music culture (more info here). After several years of active support to the underground scene, in May 2020, the two decided to further expand the project, thus founding the electronic music label theDustRealm Music.

To date, we released records by Bob Rage & Peanuke, Bress Underground, Es Madd, Future Sound Of Conco, Grøntsager, Jacomino, Manigua, MARVO MD, MATCHLESS, MileSound Bass, and Resonanz Kreis.

theDustRealm Music underground electronic label ARTISTS

Introducing the crew of creators from the label theDustRealm Music. It is a group of independent artists united by their underground sound and love for electronic music. From the buttons below, you can access resources that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of each individual project.

theDustRealm Music RELEASES

Below you will find the entire catalogue of the independent label theDustRealm Music. We mainly deal with electro, techno, trip-hop, big beat, IDM, experimental, and what's in the middle of these sub-genres of underground electronic music. Specifically, we propose mainly artists who do not follow a specific style but combine different influences to find their own distinctive sound.

theDustRealm X Alienated Records

From 2017 to 2019, Paolo and Roberto collaborated with the independent label Alienated Records, releasing their first EPs of the Bob Rage & Peanuke project and their side-project Future Sound Of Conco (FSOC). At the time, the two also produced record releases for the Efrem DJ and MARIO REBEL projects. Here are the releases published in collaboration with Alienated Records.