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theDustRealm Music

It’s a Spotify, YouTube and Tidal playlist featuring theDustRealm Music catalogue. It features also tracks with Bob Rage and Peanuke involved in the production. Only the best version of each track (excluding the instrumental versions). This underground playlist features music rich in contaminations, exploring various music genres, mainly electronic music, from electronica, big beat, to techno, to experimental music, trip-hop and everything in between.

The Italian independent label’s catalogue features interesting emerging underground / alternative music artists, such as MATCHLESS, Sis, Resonanz Kreis, Future Sound Of Conco, Es Madd, MARVO MD, Bob Rage & Peanuke, Grøntsager, Jacomino and Manigua. The common thread between artists of theDustRealm Music’s catalogue is the need to find a distinctive sound, not necessarily classifiable in a specific genre.

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