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New Electro Shit

New Electro Shit - A weekly-updated Spotify playlist by theDustRealm Music & friends containing the best new electronic music. New underground music. Best new techno electronica electro big beat trip-hop alternative music. new music 2022. Spotify playlist to discover the best new underground music. often updated playlist on modern underground electronic music.

Weekly-updated playlist!

New Electro Shit” is a weekly updated Spotify playlist which features all the fresher and new alternative electronic music tunes from all over the world. This juicy selection of brand-new tunes will keep you up-to-date on all the best new electronic music releases from famous and emerging artists.

It’s a multi-genre selection of good underground music that contains the latest releases in the world of Electronica, Techno, Big Beat, Experimental, Trip-Hop, and many other subgenres.

Playlist compiled by theDustRealm Music and friends.

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