Future Sound Of Conco

Mystic Mountain

The illustration on the cover of the Mystic Mountain EP by Future Sound Of Conco was specially created by the illustrator Giovanna Morando.

feat. Siz

Original illustration by Giovanna Morando

The Mystic Mountain EP

Mystic Mountain is the fourth EP released by Future Sound Of Conco. It contains the homonymous song created in collaboration with the reggae singer Michele “Siz” Sicilia, plus a remix made in Jungle / Drum and Bass style by the Sicilian producer Lower Bass, and finally, a “Nyabinghi Version” in a Reggae / Dub style, also made by Future Sound Of Conco.

The Mystic Mountain original song mixes sounds from Reggae / DubAlternative RockTechno and Electronica and was already released inside “theDustRealm 15“, the compilation by the independent label “theDustRealm Music”. The track can be considered a B-Side obtained from the compositions made during the production of FLUX, the still-unreleased first album of the collective. The album is nearing completion and has been in “incubation” since 2015.

The Mystic Mountain EP was released on July 27th by the underground electronic independent label theDustRealm Music and is available on all major music streaming platforms. The illustration on the cover of the EP was specially created by the illustrator Giovanna Morando.

The Future Sound Of Conco collective

Future Sound Of Conco (FSOC) is a music collective led and produced by Paolo “Peanuke” and Roberto “Bob Rage” Bonato, founded in 2006 in collaboration with Paolo “Pez” Pezzin.

The goal is to play with sounds and explore soundscapes by mixing different styles and techniques. To live music production as a noble temple of creativity, an experience at times mystical that is also an opportunity for free expression and sharing, where interaction, heterogeneity and inclusion represent a force capable of intellectually, technically and humanly enriching all the musicians involved in each production.

The tracks proposed by Future Sound Of Conco cannot be enclosed in a specific stylistic genre as no path is excluded a priori. The important thing is to create and explore new dimensions, far from conventions and canons. The resulting sound is organic and winks at electronica, trip-hop and experimental. However is not limited to these styles, catching elements from (and proposing songs of) different genres.

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