Multiverse by MARVO MD - ©℗ 2021 theDustRealm Music - Cover artwork by Matteo Gabos

the artist

MARVO MD is an Italian electronic musician based in Rome. The project started in 2017 from various experiences that led him to play jazz, gospel, pop and rock, combined with his need to explore new worlds, expressing himself in new forms.

the “Multiverse” project

The artist named his new work MULTIVERSE and split it into several parts. Each part corresponds to a separate digital EP. The word “Multiverse” itself describes the common thread between each element: in fact, each part/EP explores different moods, universes, and atmospheres while maintaining MARVO MD’s musical identity at the base.

the first EP of the series

This first part of the MULTIVERSE project basically has a dance/disco mood and is strongly inspired by the french touch sound. It has been released on April 30th 2021, under theDustRealm Music. The EP is produced by using almost entirely software synths (mainly Pigments and V Collection) and very few hardware instruments (Peak and Mininova).

You can get your digital copy of Multiverse now directly from MARVO MD’s Bandcamp page or via the embedded player on this page.
The EP is also available on theDustRealm Music’s Bandcamp page as part of their DUST CLUB subscription.

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