Landing Base

The cover design of Jacomino’s Landing Base single. tropical house, electro house, Italian electronic music, underground house music, music like Vladimir Cauchemar style, cool electronic music with ethnical influences, ethnic house music, tribal electronic house music, arab house music


Jacomino is an electronic music project by the Sicilian producer Santi Loreno. His sound has strong influences from World Music. In the past, Santi played the drums in various rock, prog and grunge genres bands. He also produced trip-hop, jungle, house and other electronic music subgenres. His desire to create evocative soundscapes led him to approach the use of ethnic sounds, which allowed him to obtain the Jacomino project’s distinctive music style. 

The “Landing Base” single offers a more club-oriented Jacomino, freely riding the waves of Tropical House music

The Landing Base single by the Italian electronic music producer Jacomino contains the full-length and the radio edit version of the homonym track. Landing Base (Radio Edit) was previously released within the compilation theDustRealm 15. The full-length version instead was released for the first time in this single, published by the independent Italian label theDustRealm Musicon March 17th, 2023. 

Jacomino’s production style melts electronic sounds with ethnic influences mainly picked from Arab and Sicilian traditional music heritage. Landing Base single keeps on delivering the unique Jacomino sound, this time with a different approach. With this single, the Italian artist adjusted the production’s direction to a more club-oriented sound. The result is a Tropical House track which presents stylistic analogies with acclaimed underground artists such as Vladimir Cauchemar.

You can buy your digital copy of “Landing Base” now, directly from Jacomino’s Bandcamp page or via the embedded player on this page. The two tracks contained in the single are also available on theDustRealm Music’s Bandcamp page as part of the DUST CLUB subscription.

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