Grøntsager a track made recording vegetables and kitchen's sounds - written by Mattia Molinelli a.k.a. Grøntsager, electronic artist based in Copenaghen - theDustRealm Music

the project

Grøntsager is an underground electronic music project by Mattia Molinelli, based in Copenaghen and deeply inspired by Big Beat, Breakbeat and 90’s electronic rave music. By composing both new and classics beats, Mattia is making a big effort to keep Big Beat alive and give it a fresh and futuristic touch. The goal is to have fun, make people dance and inspire other artists to follow his path.

the track “Grøntsager”

the artist‘s constant exploration of new sound frontiers led him to challenge himself in producing an electronic sounding track, avoiding the use of any synthesizer and drum machine. The result is “Grontsager“, homonym music release which explores a soundscape that deviates from his classic Big Beat / Breakbeat sonorities.

Every single sound of the track is originated by recordings of vegetables, kitchen tools and freshly baked bread and a pinch of vocals parts by his girlfriend, all recorded by the artist in his kitchen.

the release

The single is the first music release of Grøntsager published under the Italian label theDustRealm Music. The official release date is 30th October 2020.

You can buy your digital copy of “Grøntsager” single now, directly from Grøntsager’s Bandcamp page or via the embedded player on this page. The single is also available on theDustRealm Music’s Bandcamp page, as part of their DUST CLUB subscription.

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