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FSOC – Future Sound Of Conco


FSOC – Future Sound Of Conco is a project conceived in 2006 by Bob Rage, Peanuke and Paolo”Pez” Pezzin. From 2017 they stared releasing their music with the independent label Alienated Records. The sound is mainly electro / experimental, full of contaminations from different genres. From 2019 their tracks are released by the Dust Realm Music.

music style and influences

Handled guitars and organic sounds mixed to distorted loops and synthesizers creating a bizarre electronic world with trip-hop and ambient nuances.

The main musical influences in Future Sound Of Conco’s productions are the Future Sound of London, The Knife, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Orbital, Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack.

Iscriviti al Dust Club

FSOC Discography

The entire discography of Future Sound Of Conco (a.k.a. FSOC), the trippy / electro / experimental music project by Bob Rage, Peanuke and Paolo “Pez” Pezzin.

Appears on

Music releases from other artists featuring tracks made altogether with Future Sound Of Conco + Compilations featuring FSOC Music.

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