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Escape Remixes

The cover artwork of the "Escape Remixes" EP by Resonanz Kreis and the Italian Maltese singer KEL, published by the Italian independent label theDustRealm Music, which deals with Electronica, Trip-Hop, Experimental, Techno, Big-Beat, IDM, and various underground music styles.

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The solo project Resonanz Kreis was born in Cuneo (Italy) in the late 90s. Influenced by cold sounds (Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, Orbital, Plaid, Kraftwerk..) he mixes electronic music with dark atmospheres and New Wave. He has produced several singles, EPs and albums, available on the main stores and streaming services.

KEL is a singer and songwriter from Italy/Malta. Amongst other things, she represented Italy in Copenhagen in 2015, participated in the talent show Xfactor, opened an International artists’ concert in Italy: Noa, and toured in India as a guest singer at various important events. She has experience in multiple musical genres: Jazz, Pop, EDM, Dance, Indie, Acoustic, LoFi and more.

Escape Remixes

The “Escape Remixes” EP is a collection of remixes of the Escape single. The original single was self-released by Resonanz Kreis and featured the talented singer/songwriter KEL. The EP extends the suggestive atmosphere of the original track with three reinterpretations made by the underground electronic music projects Rich MachinesMidkraft and Iridium Gate.

“Escape Remixes” has been released on August 9, 2022, for the independent label theDustRealm Music.

You can buy your digital copy of Escape Remixes now directly from Resonanz Kreis’ Bandcamp page or via the embedded player on this page. The EP is also available on theDustRealm Music’s Bandcamp page, included on their DUST CLUB subscription.

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