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Es Madd Remiscelata

Es Madd Remiscelata - A collection of Es Madd's tracks remixed by Jacomino, Frank Sinutre, Tramontoindustriale, Khloro, Future Sound Of Conco, Rich Machines, Push Against New Fakes, Waxwolf, Olio su Telnet, and Fuso - ©℗ 2021 theDustRealm Music

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Es Madd is an Italian electronic music artist, real name Maddalena Mileti, born in Apulia in 2001. She begins to play at the age of 5. When she turned 14, she discovered electronic music by listening to Hip-Hop productions. She thus begins to approach an experimental music style, releasing in 2018 her first work, “Demiurge EP”. In 2019 she released “Una Lavatrice Nel Deserto“, a publication characterized by sounds close to Vaporwave, in a genre defined by her as “Dada”. In 2020 she participated in the “Subaquea” project of Future Sound Of Conco and Ziglio’s Musique.

es madd remiscelata

Her new digital album “Es Madd Remiscelata” has been dropped on June 25 2021, for theDustRealm Music. It’s a collection of remixes of her songs that involves several artists from all over Italy: Frank Sinutre, Khloro and Push Against New Fakes from Lombardy, Fuso (Midihands) and Manuela Palmisano from Apulia, Waxwolf from Emilia-Romagna, Tramontoindustriale from Liguria, Rich Machines from Trentino-Alto Adige, Olio Su Telnet from Umbria, Jacomino from Sicily and Future Sound Of Conco from Veneto.

With this album, Es Madd wanted to combine different Electronic music styles and artists under a single record forming a real community of musicians.

Es Madd Remiscelataalso marks a fixed point between the artist’s first works and the new ones she’s got in the pipeline. Her next tracks will move towards a stylistic evolution that involves the massive use of acoustic instruments while retaining an Electronic music appeal. (As she did in her remix/rework of “Subaquea”)

You can get your digital copy of Es Madd Remiscelata now directly from her Bandcamp page or via the embedded player on this page. The album is also available on theDustRealm Music’s Bandcamp page, included on their DUST CLUB subscription.

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