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Weekly-updated underground electronic playlist!

Electro Radar” is a weekly updated Spotify and YouTube playlist that features the finest alternative electronic music tunes from all over the planet. This quality selection of brand-new alternative electronic songs will keep you up-to-date on all the best new electronic music releases from famous and emerging artists.

It’s a multi-genre selection of good underground music featuring the latest releases from Electronica, Techno, Big Beat, Experimental, Trip-Hop, and many other subgenres from the global electronic scene.

Are you an underground electronic music lover? There are many stimulating music projects out there, but It’s hard to find new good music if you don’t have time to do some research. Don’t worry, and let us do the hard job while you enjoy and discover new good music each week! Just follow our YouTube and/or Spotify playlist “Electro Radar“.

Playlist compiled by theDustRealm Music.

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