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Eleven Columns

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The solo project Resonanz Kreis was born in Cuneo (Italy) in the late 90s. He mixes electronic music with dark atmospheres and New Wave, influenced by “cold sounds” (Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, Orbital, Plaid, Kraftwerk..). He has produced several singles, EPs and albums, available on the main stores and streaming services.

the “Collective Anthesis” album

The new album by Resonanz Kreis will be entitled Collective Anthesis. It will contain 10 tracks and be released in autumn 2023 by the Italian electronic music label theDustRealm Music.

Collective Anthesis explores the artist’s distinctive sound: a fusion of influences ranging from Electronica, IDM, Downtempo and Trip-Hop, passing through Ambient and Experimental nuances with essential, efficacious and evocative arrangements.

The release somehow represents the “artistic flowering” of the Italian producer. This time he decided to “fertilize” the album creation process by involving other minds. In fact, the album will contain several collaborations with various projects and producers, thus offering an even broader range of influences and styles than past releases.

The tracks are all produced by Resonanz Kreis in collaboration with producer duo Bob Rage & Peanuke, who also handled the mix and mastering processes.

Collective Anthesis singles

The first song extracted from Collective Anthesis is My Thoughts“. It was released on 16 June 2023, paired with a remix by the Future Sound Of Conco collective with the participation of Francesco De Biasi as bassist. The original version of My Thoughts can also be found in the compilation theDustRealm 15.

The second single extracted from the upcoming album is Eleven Columns“. It was released on 7 September 2023 alongside a remixed version by Push Against New Fakes.

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