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303 State of Mind

303 State Of Mind is a Spotify and YouTube playlist that contains a collection of tracks featuring the iconic Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer.  The selection, compiled by Bob Rage & Peanuke from theDustRealm Music, also features tracks that use hardware or software clones of the original machine, such as "Cyclone Analogic TT303", "DinSync RE-303", "Roland TB-03", "Audiorealism ABL-3", "Mode Machines X0Xb0X", "Behringer TD-3", etc.

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303 State Of Mind is a Spotify playlist containing a super collection of electronic music tracks, featuring the iconic “Roland TB-303 Bass Line” synthesizer! All the editions and clones of the original instrument (such as “Cyclone Analogic TT303”, “DinSync RE-303”, “Roland TB-03”, “Audiorealism ABL-3”, “Mode Machines X0Xb0X”, “Behringer TD-3”, etc. ) were considered in the compiling of this music selection, made by Bob Rage & Peanuke from theDustRealm Music.

It contains music by Aphex Twin, the Prodigy, Underworld, the Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Humanoid, Daft Punk, Plastikman, and many more.

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