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Welcome to theDustRealm project official website. We are Bob Rage and Peanuke (real names: Roberto and Paolo Bonato), two brothers, DJs and producers from northern Italy. We both fell in love with underground music, especially the vast universe of electronic music’s sub-genres. We also are active supporters of the underground culture in general.

Music always played a crucial role in our lives. It often has changed our perspectives, it always been there both in joyful and difficult times and it allowed us to meet fantastic people on the way. To us the positive influence that music has in a human being’s life matters, so in 2007 we founded theDustRealm project.

TheDustRealm is the “mother-project” which contains all of our music-related activities: DJ sets, music productions, the label “the Dust Realm Music“, cultural divulgation in the web, support to musicians we artistically admire and underground music events.

TheDustRealm’s goal is to spread good musical vibes and break the sound patterns imposed by society, aware that a “wide musical diet” leads to the open-mindedness of the people, and so to a better world.

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The Dust Realm Music
The Dust Realm Music
Avete ascoltato il remix di Bob Rage & Peanuke per gli Smako Acustico? ⚡️
The Dust Realm Music
The Dust Realm Music
Oggi venerdì 7 agosto (fino a mezzanotte) Bandcamp rinuncia alle sue quote sulle vendite di musica per dare supporto agli artisti: non c'è momento migliore per farvi un giro nel nostro Official Store e supportare la causa! <3

È disponibile un nuovo COMBO PACK ad un prezzo vantaggioso ed in edizione limitata contenente:
☑️ FSOC - The Origins (Limited Edition Music Cassette)
☑️ theDustRealm 10 (CD - compilation)
☑️ the Path (DVD video)
☑️ Durban Poison • Classics Volume One (CD - mixset)

The Dust Realm Music
The Dust Realm Music
Prosegue la nostra ricerca delle perle nascoste del panorama musicale underground di ogni regione d'Italia! :-) Selezione a cura di The Dust Realm Music.

Made in Lazio (Underground Music D.O.C.)

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The Dust Realm Music
The Dust Realm Music
Date un’occhiata al nuovo sito di Dischi Soviet Studio!! 💥

#indie #rock #dischisovietstudio
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